Admiration from a Submissive

B writes,

To my dear Mistress Olivia: As lovely as You are, Your personality is every bit as beautiful. You are creative, fun, clever, and importantly, easy to talk to… and so much easier to listen to. You gave me the gift of powerful experiences, never felt in my whole life. There is nobody like You. i feel thrilled to serve You, wish i was serving You now, mere words cannot fully capture how good it feels to serve You. i am deliciously stroking for You as i write and edit these words, wishing i was floating on the musical tide of Your velvety voice. Yet remembering this act of writing is serving You, new waves of pleasure flow through me.

i also adore Your siren like voice. i long to hear You again… and again… even knowing Your exquisite voice will capture me. Like chains, made not of steel, rather, something softer, but stronger… the seductive, enthralling magic, luscious & overwhelming, that You weave with ease.

i ache to drift deeper to Your hypnotic heaven, the magic of Your masterful mind, and the lullaby of Your voice, somehow both drifting and sinking at the same time. And i want to sink… deeply, deliciously into the dream You design.

We recently IM’d a bit and i feel… reinspired. i edited more though i did get distracted. But recalling our calls, i start to shiver inside, my whole body thrums, as if to a tribal drumbeat. And i know the drummer is You.

i want to serve. i ache to serve. Please, may i beg for the pleasure of serving You? i ache for the luxury of serving directly to Your bewitching voice. And i want… You to take me deeper. Deeper than just a few skipped lunches a week. Make me use… further means

Adoringly Yours, b

B, I think you’ve said it all and no extra commentary is needed from me… 🙂 This man gets it.

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