Cindy, My Pet with a Slave Contract

One of My most favorite pets as of late has to be My little sweetheart, Cindy.

Before I say more about her, I asked her what I should tell you all about her before I continue with My own description.  She said that she wants you to know that she loves Me; and she belongs to only Me.  Her brainwashing, sissy training and mind control is coming along very, very well.  I instant message with her daily on Yahoo, indoctrinating her further into her slavery.  I insist on complete and total ownership of Cindy: her entire body, mind and soul. 

In exchange, Cindy serves Me in every way possible.  One of them throughFinancially Domination, of course.  She’s also been Spirtually Dominated.  Mentally Dominated.  Physically Dominated.   Writing me scripts to record.  Purchasing me Coffee and presents on Amazon.  Crafting her work in her career to incorporate elements that I demand, simply because I demand them.  Furthermore, I know everything there is to know about Cindy, including very intimate financial and identity details about her.  I know where she lives.  I know how much is in her bank account each day.  I know which emails she has written lately.  I.  Know.  Everything.  And yet, she continues to draw closer, deeper, into her service with Me.

You see, Cindy was so eager to please, so eager to belong, so eager to serve, so eager to be Mine, that she asked one day via IM, wistfully, what it might be like to REALLY be Mine. To legally, contractually, obligate herself FULLY to Me. Well, I am a very kind Mistress, as you all well know… and this is a request I was happy to oblige. I crafted a slave contract Just. For. Her. After all, a good submissive is hard to find and I like to treat the ones I do have well.

Are you jealous? Are you wishing you had a slave contract of your own? Well you can, for $25.00.

You may also request a customized contract of your own – just IM or Email me via Niteflirt or oliviasnaughty@gmail to discuss the details.

Or we can always discuss what a slave contract could look like over the phone…

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  1. Thank You Goddess for letting me belong to You and only You. i’ve never felt so fulfilled in all my life. It means everything to me to surrender my life to You.

    i just can’t stop falling deeper and deeper under Your lovely spell.

    Your adoring sweetheart,


  2. i was so excited when i first saw this post, the feelings are almost incomprehensible! Excited, aroused, delirious, and terrified all at the same time. i cannot wait to begin service to You and to sign the contract and be owned 100% by You. Thank You so much for this golden opportunity!

    All Yours,

  3. Mistress Olivia,
    This excited and frightened me at the same time. I know and am humbled by the control You have exercised over me and I know that it is just the tip as the saying goes. I would be very interested to learn more about contracts.

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