EXPOSED: Ran, a new glutton for punishment

Ran came to Me craving to be exposed.  He told me other mistresses played with him in a session or two but were never really serious about genuinely building a relationship or seeing just to what depths of humiliation we could drive Ran.  And then he found Me.

I told Ran that I don’t really do the drive by type of thing when it comes to exposure.  That I would expose him… but that I’d do it slowly.  And the more I exposed him, the more addicted he’d become to me.  And the more addicted he’d become, the more I would expose him.  This is the first in a series.


This here is Ran.  His true first name is Ryan.  Do you recognize him?  He’s from a very populated area in the Northeast… there are probably quite a few of you who see him every day.  And while you can’t see it here, and he probably doesn’t realize I noticed… Ran does indeed wear glasses! (not pictured)  Ran – perhaps you’ll be posting in the comments to tell us if they are reading glasses or glasses for seeing more far-sighted things?


ran2I told him I’d start by simply giving out a couple of pieces of information about him, along with just the bare minimum as to what a loser he is.  But he and I both know just how deep that complete inadequacy goes, and that this is just the tip of the iceberg.



ran3The funny thing is – he’s only allowed to cum today if he can do so while looking at this post without touching himself!  And well, if he’s not aroused and desperate enough to cum just like that, well, I suppose we will just have to expose him some more, won’t we?  LOL 🙂  Merry Christmas Ran!

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  1. Thank you Mistress Olivia for doing me the honors and exposing me. I think It’s the ultimate in humiliation and submission exhibiting to the world my lowly status as your pathetic slave. It’s extremely shameful doing it and letting the whole world see it. It puts your submission to the test – how far will you demean yourself for your Mistress, so I guess this is a huge step for me in the right direction!!

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