March Madness Fun :)

In honor of my Broncos being the SUPER BOWL 50 WORLD CHAMPIONS Here is a FREE TO PLAY game for you to engage in, sports fans!

Here are the rules:

I will submit my March Madness bracket on this blog before March 17.  You will generate your bracket and submit it to me however you want. Email, comment, twitter, phone call, facebook, Yahoo IM, Skype, whatever.  The game starts once you’ve submitted your bracket. The earlier the better so you don’t peek at my bracket in order to create opportunities to edge endlessly for me. I know some of you stroker sluts out there, and I am warning you! 🙂 You don’t have to do it by the first game, although of course it’s way more fun if you get it in before the tournament starts.

In our brackets, you pick your matches, I pick mine.

For every match, there are four possible outcomes.  Here is how each one will play out.

Scenario 1:  I correctly choose a match, you didn’t.  That means you edge (stroke yourself until you are about to reach orgasm and then STOP, remove your hands, do not pass go, do not collect $200), and you DO NOT get to cum!  Not once, Not even a little bit, Not at all!  If your team loses especially badly, I may tell you to do it more than one time! And you are to tell me that you did so when you’ve completed this assignment!

Scenario 2:  We both picked correctly! Yay, we’re both awesome? (though I think it goes without saying that I’m more awesome, because of reasons.) So this is a case where we have to UP THE ANTE… on the next match, the punishment or reward is Doubled. So you will be either edging twice, or cumming twice (or other pleasurable activity) before the next matchup 😉

Scenario 3: Well, we both picked wrong and that sucks. Nothing happens.

Scenario 4:  I didn’t pick one right, and you did.  You get to cum!  BUT… you have to send me a tribute picture of something to do with it. The cum puddle, your cock, the screen shot of the score, or something a bit more creative 😉  If it’s worthy, and I have your permission, I MIGHT repost it.  If I think it’s exciting enough.  If that’s your goal be sure to entertain me 😉 Each time it happens, you’ll need to follow a special instruction from me. Contact me for that assignment.

End Game!
If I picked more overall matches correctly than you did, you owe me something from my wish list! If you picked more overall matches correctly, you win three free EXCLUSIVE photographs and five phone sex minutes! And bragging rights go to the winner of course 😉

This game might be edited at my discretion at any time if I find a more fun way to play! If you have suggestions let me know.

So… who’s game 🙂

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