Meet the Exhibitor: Enthusiastic Strokerboy

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I like to write about my pets from time to time and I recently made the acquaintance of one who has rather become one of my favorites. I call him the Exhibitor because he likes to show and share with me so much. So much so that I thought maybe I’d share him with you, too. See, here’s one of the pictures he sent me of himself. He’s in quite the compromising position, I think. I blocked his face though; only I get to see the real deal.

The Exhibitor started off as sort of an enigma. He wanted to talk. He told me about his job, his life, what he did for fun…. it made me wonder why he was calling Me for this sort of thing. Isn’t this what Online Dating is for? And then we got to the good stuff. Kinky massages. Sex in public places. And I figured out what the Exhibitor was really all about. The Exhibitor was into exhibitionism.

And that’s not all that the Exhibitor was into. You see, the Exhibitor is a total camslut. The first time he really let loose was during 2 Mistress Fun with Fernanda and I (which, by the way, is becoming a regular feature. Thursdays at 3 PM EST every week). We like to have Our pets do our bidding, so we made the Exhibitor cum so hard (and, yes, cumeating ensued), that the next day, he came crawling back to complain to Me that he had a pinched nerve in his leg due to all of his play from the day prior. Well, of course, Naughty Olivia has the solution to such a thing. Sometimes a man needs to stroke through the pain, you see. And sometimes just the thing for such a man is some roleplaying with Strap On Play. You see, a man who poses for a camera shot like that is a man who wants to be taken by a strong woman, with a hard cock, rubbing her breasts up and down his back, to get him to cum. The Exhibitor couldn’t resist the invitation, so he called back for yet More pain and punishment. I think the Exhibitor would agree though… that it hurt so good.

It occurs to me that the Exhibitor is like many men out there. A little shy at first, but once you get to know him, he is flooded with sexual desires he wants to act out, all at once. Repression is not good for a man. Men need a true, real, honest release in order to be fulfilled. And that is where I come in.

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  1. Mistress Olivia,
    What an honor it would be to perform on cam for You. I would love to dress up as slutty as I could (though I am not at all pass-able) and then humiliate myself for Your pleasure. As long as it brings You pleasure, it is worth it.


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