Our Naughty Pet Gets Punished

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Fernanda and I love our Two Mistress Fun like most girls. However, one Gent in particular sticks in my mind enough to make him worth writing about… that’s right, none other than The Jackoff.

The Jackoff called us in between small penis humilation camsluts to let us know that his balls were ALREADY at 8oz on his kitchen scale. We decided that was an admirable effort but, surely, being Two Hot Mistresses and all, we could beat that.

The Jackoff promised to get on cam for us post haste so we could check out these 8 0z+ balls… and then LATER he mentioned that, oh wait, he doesn’t have a cam. Well, we mistresses do NOT like to be disappointed… disappointments like these cause us to create some negative reinforcement. We made him put on a sockpussy and despite all the erotic humiliation and edging… we didn’t allow him to come. Disobedient pets are asked to wait.

Are you a better behaving pet than our Jackoff? I reward my Obedient Pets, but my Naughty Pets get punished…

Give me a call to see if you’re on the Nice or Naughty List: 1-800-863-5478 ext: 9966374


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  1. Sounds like jackoff got off easy! Who forgets whether they have a cam or not? Lol, I bet you two got his balls up to like an even 16 ounces, and a nice shade of blue at that! 🙂 negative reinforcement is totally badass!!!

    • I think he wanted to cum so badly from all the edging that perhaps he might have forgotten… definitely the next time he calls there will be no false promises allowed!

  2. Mistress Olivia,
    You were too good to jackoff. he deserved a much worse punishment, You must have felt quite generous that day. I hope he offered up his pain to You. I hope to one day have the opportunity to humiliate myself on cam for You.


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