Profile of a New Slave – Shitbag

Profiling pets is so fun. I want to profile a new one – I call him Shitbag.

Shitbag’s claim to fame is a limitless desire to please. He will do ANYTHING to please a woman. He understands that women are superior to men and of course, should be worshiped as such. I do love my pets who know their place.

Shitbag will engage in any and all fetishes if he believes that it pleases me. Bondage? Oh yes. Cock and Ball Torture? No sweat. Feminization? Of course, and when I dress him up, his name is Carla. I’ve edged him over 70 times in one session. He especially LOVES the verbal abuse – that’s why his name is Shitbag of course. He’s a bag full of Whale Shit and he knows it. But I think his very favorite is Body Worship. He wants to personify the worship he feels physically, and serve me in any which way he possible, starting with body worship.

Starting with the foot worship of course, kissing each and every one of my toes. Perhaps even sucking on them, as if nourishment flowed through them to his body. Moving up the arch of my foot with his lips, up to my heels, making sure my feet have been completely blessed.

Then moving up to my soft calves, admiring the muscles in them from all of my Front Range hikes, kissing each and every curve, running his hands up and down them, lightly massaging them with both his hands and lips. Then, finally, past my knees, to my milky, soft, creamy thighs, so cool and soft to the touch, becoming even softer with every soft kiss of the lips. And you know the worship doesn’t end there…

But for all these months of worship he has performed, he has only just now decided to sign my Slave Contract and become my slave. I suppose it takes some men some time to warm up to the idea of turning over ALL control, but for him, it took much longer than it should have. After all, if women are superior, than surely a woman can run your life better than a bag of whale shit can.

Are you looking for a Slave Master to worship? Look no further.

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  1. It is a great honor to be owned by Mistress Olivia and do anything she says. Olivia’s worshipper -Shitbag

  2. every man on Earth should get down on their hands and knees and pay homage to my beautiful Mistress Olivia…..she is the only true Goddess

  3. Mistress Olivia,
    I absolutely love reading Your slave profiles. I dream of the day You write one about me…
    Sincerely (and hopefully),

  4. Mistress Olivia: you now have Shitbag. I am prepared to become Cumtard- another of your deserving, chastity-wearing, panty-wearing subjects posing for you and serving your non-sexual needs as required.

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