Sissy Dress-Up! Taking a Sissy to the Salon

Well I’m back from vacation! And before I’m even able to get a blog post up announcing such I have been having so much fun talking with my petes who’ve missed me so, but one in particular I really wanted to tell you about!

I recently had the genuine pleasure of playing with Danny, one of my new sissy girls! Danny Loves to be dressed up and pampered and we decided it was very much necessary to go ahead and make him as feminized and humiliated as possible by sending him to the regular girl salon!

We did a three way call with the salon where I dictated the day and time of the appointment. I also informed the stylist that Danny was a very special case who needed special care and attention. I let them know that Danny in particular needs to be pampered very much in a feminine way and anything the stylist could do to show everyone how Special Danny was would be greatly appreciated. Therefore, we booked Danny in for a shampoo (with the lathering being done in the chair), deep condition under the dryer, and then a hair styling where there will be curls and a hair clip with a flower involved! The stylist DEFINITELY figured out what was going on and we had a good little giggle at Danny’s expense!

I CANNOT WAIT to see the new Danny after her little mini makeover! And there’s more where that came from…

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  1. Danny gets every sissies dream a make over and pampering set up by Mistress! Along with a little embarrassment! Enjoy it Danny, we are all envious! Very Happy for you! Please share the details, we can’t wait to hear all about it! Mauhhhhhh!

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