Sneak Peek – Investing in the Stroke Market

Your Mistress has been very busy this week and hasn’t had time to put together a proper blog post… which is good for you since she’s giving you a sneak peek into one of the games she just LOOOOVES to play!

Unfortunately for you my little pet, despite my best attempts at diversification I had a terrible week this week!

Investing in the Stroke Market - 6-21-13

So how does a Mistress console herself over such a terrible week in investing? By taking it out on you, of course. I can’t think of a better way right now than some good ol’ Cock and Ball torture, or the “other” CBT. I’ll take it easy on you though, not knowing if you have any pain tolerance or training… so this is a 1st Timers Guide to CBT game. 😉

The first step in this game is to tie up your cock and balls. With what? Well, a ponytail holder is ideal equipment for CBT so if you have one I’d encourage you to use it. If you don’t, any type of string or shoelace will do. Tie them up. Tie it up good and tight for me.

And now we play a little game. Grab your balls in your dominant hand and your cock in your non-dominant hand. Start by squeezing those balls lightly… but then you’re only allowed to do very light pressure on your cock. So light, such feather-y touches, you can barely feel them. If you want to go faster or make your hand on your shaft harder, you can, but only by equivalently squeezing your balls even harder. You need to time the two so that your ideal speed and pressure of stroking is quite a firm, hard, painful grip on the balls, to play this game properly.

When you’re halfway to orgasm, tighten the shoelace/ponytail holder on your balls. If you’re ambitious, give them a good firm snap for me.

When you’re right on the edge, I want you to take those strings and pull as hard as you possibly can right as you tumble over the edge.

And… you can use copious amounts of lube. Who said I wasn’t a kind Mistress?

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  1. With those pictures connected to this post, Mistress, it’s almost cruel to torture your slaves with stroking so close to what they desire most, only to ruin it as they reach the point of no return. The fact that you can convince us to do such a wicked thing is testament to your seductive powers and control. You are simply amazing!

  2. Mistress Olivia,
    What a great cbt instructional You have provided. There is truly nothing that You are not good at. You have immense powers, far beyond anyone I have ever known.

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