Special Thanks to my New Subbie Pet

Lovely Pair of Half Length Black Calf Boots

Special thanks to G, one of my new pets, who has, dare I say it, QUITE the foot fetish. I know how you like it when I wear heels, but you thought you’d give me a new pair to mix up my repertoire.

Now let Me tell you what I plan to do with these boots. After getting my toes perfectly pedicured, I will gently seat myself and prepare to slip into these boots, as if you were about to place them upon my delicate feet in full-fledged foot worship. I just love to see the slightest tremble in a man’s hands when they are so excited to do something, they about can’t help themselves. The feel of my soft, supple skin against the rubbery texture of the boot is enough to drive you wild. I can almost feel your lips upon my sexy toes, caressing them with your goodbye as they slowly enter these boots. I know just thinking about it, your heart is beginning to race and your palms are getting sweaty. I know that you imagine much the same way I do when faced with such a beautiful pair of boots.

Thank you, G, so much for sending them to Me. I will certainly own them, strut the ever-loving sexiness out of them, and remember who sent Me this lovely gift.

Do you get hot at the thought of touching My beautiful feet?

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  1. Those are incredibly hot boots Mistress Olivia. No doubt your foot slave guys are going to be drooling at the thought of your lovely feet in them, but to mention slipping out of them for some serious lips on bare foot worship. Great posting!

  2. What I’d like the most is licking your bare feet and kissing them all over. You truly deserve foot worship. How fortunate would the sub be who gets to worship your feet!

  3. Mistress Olivia,
    What a beautiful entry You have made here. Such delicate detail could have only been written by the best Mistress of All. W/we are all lucky to witness such a detailed explanation. I dream of day I could worship Your boots, clean them lick by lick or perhaps serve as a riser for You to stand upon and show off Your boots.


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