Tied Up in Knots

Apparently some of you like to be tied up and used by your Mistress for Her pleasure… but so many ways to get this done, isn’t there? And so many kinks to indulge through bondage…

For the sissies, I’d dress you up in XS Women’s Shapewear… leggings, spanx, a girdle, a pre-teen sports bra, leg warmers, arm warmers… and that’s just the beginning.

Forced Bi… well once I have you on a swing, legs spread eagled for me, you KNOW I couldn’t resist driving this eXtreme Plow into your ass. While you’re wearing a penis gag, of course…

Tease and Denial – This one’s easy. I’d lock you up in a chastity cage – the ULTIMATE denial. This one looks delicious!

Nipple Play – You know I love the nipple play. I can’t find an example of exactly what I’d like to use. I’d probably concoct some kind of combination between these nipple clamps with this posture collar.

Spanking/Flogging – WELL… after I had you tied up into something like this – I would just Love to whip you with the ends of those ropes…. can you imagine something like this smacking your back and ass over, and over, and over?

Do any of these tickle your cock?  Are you aching to indulge in a full blown roleplay with one of these scenarios? 

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  1. It’s so wonderful to feel Goddess Olivia’s deepening control. There are so many ways to surrender to Her. Thank You Goddess for so lovingly guiding us into Your complete and total domination of our lives.

  2. Mistress Olivia,
    My heart went aflutter when I read Your description for us sissies. I dream of being forced into tiny shape wear and humiliated beyond any sense of control. What an extreme honor it would be to do this for You.

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